Spread Eagle Homeowners Association Inc

HOA Amenities



The roads in Spread Eagle are private and maintenance is the responsibility of the Association. Access is controlled by a locked gate. Association members have received a garage-door type remote for access. A touch pad is also provided, with the access code changed annually. Access is limited to lot owners, their guests, and authorized vehicles.

Located in the Wet Mountain Valley

Trash Removal

A large trash dumpster is provided for domestic use of only Association members. The hopper is located on the Spread Eagle entrance road at the second turn in the road from the entrance, and is secured with a combination lock. Absolutely no construction debris is to be placed in this hopper. Lock combination has been provided to members, please contact one of the Board members if you need this information. Place garbage-type trash only in the hopper to avoid attracting bears.


Water System

Water to Spread Eagle lots is via an underground spring higher up in the mountains. This spring has been periodically tested and is of the highest quality. It is important that Association members be conservative in use of water (no irrigation, etc) to ensure adequate supply. This is of particular importance during summer and droughts. There are on-going improvements to the water system.


Snow Removal

Snow removal by private contractor will normally be authorized by the Board when snow depth reaches nine inches or more due to the high cost of this service. Although prompt snow removal is the goal, sudden storms may also cause some periods of road blockage. IT IS THEREFORE RECOMMENDED THAT ONLY 4-WHEEL VEHICLES BE USED DURING THE WINTER SEASON TO REDUCE THE CHANCE OF TEMPORARY TRAVEL DISRUPTION. Driveway snow removal is the responsibility of the individual homeowner. You can contact SEIFERT ENTERPRISES (719) 783-2757 to make arrangements to have your drive cleared at the same time as they plow our roads.