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Spread Eagle Homes Association is located at the base of the magnificent Sangre de Cristo Mountains, on the west side of the Wet Mountain Valley in south-central Colorado –  gorgeous mountain vistas and sprawling ranches.  The nearly 14,000 foot peaks are part of the quarter million acre Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Area.  The mountain range is the longest, highest, and straightest mountain range on earth.  Our association is named after 13,431 ft Spread Eagle Peak immediately to the southwest.

The Wet Mountain Valley, about 75 miles southwest of Colorado Springs and 55 miles west of Pueblo.  is more than 100 miles long,  In the center of the valley the adjoining historic towns of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff date back to the days of 19th century silver and gold mining.

Spread Eagle Covenants

If you’re interesting in joining our community, please read all the information about Spread Eagle we have provided on this site. It is especially important to read the protective covenants, and understand these were adopted and continue to be supported by owners that want them enforced. If you are resistant to the oversight of a governing body like a homeowners association, this isn’t where you want to look for property or homes. If you want protective covenants to ensure unsightly home construction or land use, this is the place to be and we welcome and encourage you to contact a local real estate agency for available listings.

Real Estate

Whether selling or looking for the perfect home to purchase, or that special home location to build, local real estate agencies play an important role in the Spread Eagle community. As a covenant protected community realtors have a responsibility to provide potential buyers as much information about these covenants and how they can impact an owner, especially with regard to the home they plan to purchase or build. This page is dedicated to help inform realtors and their clients, but is also intended to connect owners and buyers with realtors in the area that know this subdivision well. 

One common misconception people who have bought property in the Spread Eagle subdivision seem to have is that if there’s something in the covenants that doesn’t align with their intended purpose for the property they can either ignore the covenant, obtain an exemption, or have the covenants changed. The covenants have been reviewed a number of times since their original development and few amendments have been adopted. Owners for the most part have bought property at Spread Eagle because of the protective covenants and have been reluctant to change them. The HOA holds an annual meeting on Labor Day weekend where owners can voice issues and concerns, including those involving the covenants. Exemptions are never considered; the covenants are clearly defined and any deviation from them require an amendment to the adopted covenants. With regard to ignoring the covenants, any owner that chooses to go this route risks significant expense, not only if the violation involves out-of-pocket expense from the owner but also whatever expense the HOA incurs in bringing the property back into compliance with the covenants. 

Another common misconception property owners have had is that the property they’ve purchased in Spread Eagle can be used for camping. Spread Eagle is a residential community and is not intended, nor is it permitted to be used for camping. Although owners have brought camping trailers or RVs onto their property for enjoyment, this is closely monitored to ensure the use is only for short temporary time periods. Camp trailers and RV’s cannot be parked or stored on any property, or used for habitation except during the construction of a home that’s been approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

Prospective buyers should understand that owning property in a covenant protected community is not for everyone. The ACC has a broad range of authority to ensure compliance with the protective covenants, especially when it involves property improvements. Owners are required to submit a formal application for any improvements to the ACC for review and approval. The ACC reviews improvement projects in progress through completion to ensure strict adherence to the application that was approved. So anyone considering the purchase of property in Spread Eagle should really be sure their purpose and goals for doing so are in alignment with what’s established in this community. If not they probably would be better off looking at property without an HOA in place.

Spread Eagle is a gated community where access is closely regulated. Realtors are issued a separate access gate code so they may show homes listed for sale. To obtain this code contact the HOA. It is important to note that the gate access code provided to realtors is for official use only and cannot be provided to prospective buyers. Realtors must accompany all prospective buyers when looking at property listings.

Our community of single family homes is designed for the private use of home owners and invited guests.  Short-term rentals (referred to as STR’s) place extra burdens on the Association’s roads, trash, and noise.  The turnover of guests adds additional water use for cleaning and laundry.  Not all prospective renters are aware of or care about the limitations of our water system.  The danger of fire is likely greater due to ignorance or willful disregard of our covenants.   Frequent arrivals and departures detract from the ambiance of our area and access code control through our gate is jeopardized.  Increased access by a larger number of transient renters makes our area less secure and higher risk for theft and vandalism.  

The following policy is in effect for the Association

No property or portion thereof in the Association shall be leased, rented, or used by third party for fee, for a term of 29 days or less for any purpose.  Leases, rentals, or fee uses shall be limited to a total of three per calendar year.

The ACC must be advised by email, to the attention of the ACC Chair, of rental, lease and fee uses agreements by the lot owner prior to or concurrent with execution.  The HOA shall monitor on-line listing services for activity and advise of any listing that is prohibited under these rules.  Violations shall result in a fine of up to $100 per day of unauthorized rental, lease, or fee uses.

Spread Eagle Home Owners Association

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Spread Eagle is a gated community where access is closely regulated. Realtors are issued a separate access gate code so they may show homes listed for sale. To obtain this code simply contact us.